Thursday, 31 March 2011

violets are blue

Well this is a far cry from Acne's previous collection where the models looked like they belonged on a corny 80's star trek movie like this one.    

Let's jump straight to the point here and take a look at Acne's Pre AW11 Collection.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

oh pee eye

Hola y'all! I went to the OPI factory a few days again and being the freak I am, brought my canon along and got snapping. I didn't want to take to many or make it obvious since the little Vietnamese woman behind the counter thought I was taking photos of her store to case the place and come back later and clean out the store...

...which I was.

Sure enough, I walked out of there with every shade of dark grey, green, purple, blue and brown. Cool. What's good about OPI is that it copies Chanel so well and at only $10 a pop, why not head down and grab every freaking shade of brown there is.

This God's gift to Earth of a questionable factory is located in Springvale - 1 in 4 of Melbourne's little Vietnams. It's like 'Happy Days,' where everyone knows your name (if you're Asian that is) and the food is highly suspicious (always a guarantee for food poisoning). The legality of this factory is unknown (jokes and gags), but it has every "professional use" acetone, cuticle oil and nail filer under the sun and I ain't complaining.

The question is: will I ever use all of my shades of green nail polish? My nails always seem to look like dog vomit whenever I test that colour. What the hell was I thinking?  

saturday night fever

Stevie Dance...dancing...dancing in saturday night fever. No? Made sense in my head. Well this post is to pay hommage to our one and only Stevie Dance - reppin' Australia like a boss since...(does anyone know when the hell she was born?).

Editor for Russh Magazine and styling in Sydney and New York, Dance has definitely made a name for herself in the industry through her eclectic photo shoot ideas and her trail-blazing styles.

Isn't she blessed with such a shiteous life? Fashion editor of Russh, going back and fourth from Sydney and New York, envied by every fashion blogger and landing seats to all major labels for fashion weeks overseas. You better dance Stevie.  

Loving the splash of colour in the form of a sweater (below) and also the super iiiiindie vintage DSLR. Her all white suit get up (further below) is reminiscent of Cher. I don't know why, but every time I look at that photo, the song 'If I Could Turn Back Time' starts playing in my head. She still looks babin' in it though.

Alrighty folks, I am off to watch 30 Rock. All in all, a very susccessful day doing nothing. Kirrily Johnston warehouse sale is starting this Friday, so watch out you sale hunting bitches, Jessica (my bitchy alter ego) is out and proud that day. I've got my running shoes on. Das right, I'll be wearing Camilla and Marc leggings paired with a pair of running shoes (maybe my Aasics). 

Jussssst kidding, I would never do that! 
...maybe. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get that bacon. 


Saturday, 19 March 2011

where have you been all my life?

Holy Mother of Mary and everything that is religious. Oh my effing God. Someone help me get my credit card back from my parentals A.S.A.P or help me rob a cash converters. This is some sort of sick joke. Therese Rawsthorne AW11.

Shh, we can all be silent now...

Thursday, 17 March 2011

found her

This looks like I stalked her with my camera phone - I swear to God I didn't

Rachel Rutt, by far the hardest model to track down but after emailing the event coordinators at Melbourne Fashion week and attempting to call several times... friend just texted me and told me. So without further ado, here is Rachel Rutt. Apparently she walked the most runways this year out of her agency so kudos! 

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

total eclipse of the heart

I couldn't think of a title and I'm listening to the Glee rendition of this song at the moment. This song literally makes me want to jump in front of oncoming traffic, it is that tragic. Who wrote it? What is so wrong with your life that you would feel the need to write a song and put us through it? Please stop

Anywho, on a totally related note, this is easily one of my favourite photo shoots of all time (that doesn't include Kate Moss). The setting and the props all work together with the styling and grunt of the photos to make it one of the best photoshoots I've seen in a while. 

Who looks like that in the middle of a freaking dessert? Not me, that's for sure. Everything from her hair to the fluoro paint splotched on her body adds to the effect of the dessert and its elements. I can't even be witty, this just fricken works

And mum and dad, if you're reading this, which I guarantee you aren't (because you love my brother more and I'm not a lawyer or a doctor yet), than I want that Celine poncho on the cover photo. Thanks a mill, I'll repay you with my witty comebacks while we're arguing about my future (or lack thereof).

Taken from Vogue Australia April 2011. Love you Vogue. Such an under-rated fashion magazine (not).

is that a she-male?

adrej prejit. Get used to that name because he'll be sticking around for a while. He's the newest modelling sensation but he is often mistaken for a she. I ain't joking people. this boy wonder gets paid the big bucks to pose and walk like a girl!

"It's a different form of beauty that fashion hasn't fully explored yet."

According to Vogue, Prejit gives off an androgynous girl vibe, and hey, if it's getting you all this attention, I say milk it for all it's worth sistah! You go get that paycheck gurl...or boy. I love the vulnerability and rawness of the beauty shot above. This type of shot captures us as just who we are without a facade or makeup. It's perfect for someone who is always hiding behind the cloak of a different gender. We can actually see just who he is uncovered and pure. Wow, that was deep.

Penis. That was just to lighten the mood. And, here's another plus - Adrej is Australian!! Home grown in Melbourne and exported overseas to be Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci's muse. He has also strut his thing for Galliano and posed for Marc Jacobs and Gaultier.