Wednesday, 4 May 2011

baker boy

Fiorentini + Baker is a brand I recently discovered when I was stalking the girls at Green with Envy. To myself sound less like a freak, I wasn't following them or anything, just staring at them intently whilst they were working. I kid, I kid. So when I started noticing the shoes they were wearing, the most popular answer was Fiorentini + Baker so I did a bit of research and it's actually a pretty cool brand!

Fiorentini + Baker seem to have done well on their boots - especially the Buckle Boot. These boots are almost like the YSL Arty Oval Ring, every single fashion blogger and celebrity have a pair and they are pretty much a staple in every closet. Not to mention, they make you look bad ass without actually being one (like me, I'm all talk). 

So I wonder how long I can hide these boots from my parents for, before they ask to see the credit card bill that just so happened to be "misplaced and sent to my email." And I wonder why the parentals love my commerce law graduating brother more...

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