Thursday, 21 July 2011

ambition to create novel expressions

Guess who just came out with their SS12 preview?! Acne! Love the outerwear and the colour palette. You see, living in Melbourne makes you think you're living in a black abyss of dull designs and colours. We Australians are all jaded and like I've said before, we're hit with the shit stick. They're aren't as many labels here and that's why when we even see an ounce of an international label (i.e. Zara), we scream like a 15 year old girl being chosen for Justin Bieber's love song dedication. Sure, I'm not denying I got excited for Zara. Yes I'm one of those girls and yes, I peed my pants a little. But in the future, to avoid reactions such as these (and ultimately another Nigella Lawson incident: refer to Nigella post), bring more labels down under. Please do it to shut me up and stop me from complaining. 

Anyway, after saying all that, there is an Acne down here so let's just all pretend you weren't listening to me. 

P.S. google lesbians that look like Justin Bieber, it's funny.

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