Wednesday, 20 July 2011

..but we still had fun

So we went on a tour with an Vietnamese tour company and needless to say, this made me want to neck myself. From the pace (we were touring with 80 year olds in wheelchairs) to the language barrier, this group was like looking at the travelling Chinese circus with cameras around their necks. I looked like a black sheep in a field of albino cows. This one man, in particular, seemed to resort to wetting himself rather than finding a toilet because his bladder didn't permit. Needless to say, I was not his travelling companion. 

We went to 5 countries: Paris, Italy, Belgium, Holland and Germany. They were all nothing short of spectacular, but to be brutally honest, Germany scared me quite a bit. And it all boiled down to this one female bus driver. She was a bit of a sour puss and this was evident when I woke up to her screaming in my face. Hang on, what? Rewind 2 hours. We were on our way to Munich city centre when I started to dose off. Yeah, that's normal. However, what's not normal is waking up in a bus depot by yourself 20 kilometers outside of Munich. So turns out my family pulled a Home Alone stunt on me and left me on the bus with this man of a woman screaming at me in German. I was scared she was going to eat me so I just sat there and sobbed quietly. Never again..

It's pretty funny thinking about all the effed up situations that I was in over in Europe, but that's what made it one of the best family holidays I've ever been on. My family's closer and yet, we all hate each other more. I can't explain it, but, it was an experience. And one that I hope I remember for a long time (Nga certainly has enough developed photos to make me remember). As much as I love to pay my mum out, I love the little Hitler. She made me, and now she has to deal with me, and so for that, I salute her, and wish her luck. God knows, she'll need it.  

So from Europe, the Adam's family (i.e. mine), flew over to Vietnam where we saw the grandparentals. Love Vietnam, got nothing against it...but when you block Facebook, you're not only screwing me over, you're screwing yourself over. Not cool. So this was my holiday rant. I'm pretty disturbed after this trip...and now you all know why.   

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