Friday, 8 April 2011

deary me, kirrily

So first of all, Kirrily Johnston has come out of the woodwork and slapped me in the face with her AW11 collection. Look Kirrily, please stop teasing us with these Britney Spears-esque 5 second glimpses of her music videos (or in your case, your freakin' collection). I don't know about anyone else (or anyone else who is remotely normal), but I stalk out Kirrily's store everyday like a pedophile in a 40 km/h school zone.

You would usually just see a green p-plater in this big 4WD truck, driving at 20 km/h whilst passing the KJ store. Now to the good stuff. Check out Miss Samantha Harris working her booty off in the photo shoots.

Is anyone seeing what I'm seeing right now? Those combat boots are siiiiick marn. Gotta go get me a pair of those bad boys. That'll make me look tougher on da streets. So gangsta (just like the model). Look at her doe eyes and beret inspired KJ beanie, she looks like Tinkerbell on crack, ready to beat the crap out of someone if they ever get in her grill.   

The Harmony Wedge Boots (as seen on Samantha Harris) just got dropped in store today and they are a must have for winter, and if you're ever in a fight and want to heel someone's face. That'll do the trick.

I have to give props to Kirrily Johnston this season. You work it girl! Don't let the haters get chu down! I've been really ghetto this post - maybe I feel like I need to compensate because I just got back from seeing Justin Bieber: Never Say Never and I feel like a 14 year old, pre-pubescent, girl.

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