Saturday, 16 April 2011

standing on two feet

I've suddenly just developed a five minute obsession with these velvet slippers and now I can't stop thinking about them. Part of me says that donning a pair of velvet slippers will me like a daft pompous douchelord prick (enough adjectives for you?).

Natalia Vodianova

Do I have a family crest? No. Do I come from a long line of family royalty? No. Am I from England? No. Can most of my family speak English anyway? No. So that seems like a legitimate reason why I should stay away from these slippers, and mainly because they were designed for men. But you know what, rules were made in order to be broken. I don't want to break them too hard because my parents will disapprove and think I'm hanging out with the wrong crowd again (and therefore taking drugs and am headed towards a downward spiral nowhere fast).

Something just screams "party" with these slippers and why not? When I wear these, I want people to think I'm a cool and happening chick, ready to "par-tay." Yeah I can boogie - I can fist pump with the best of them. This post is going nowhere fast right now. Anyway, take a look at these Stubbs and Wooten slippers and tell me what you think.


Velvet slippers will set you back quite a bit but to be honest, who doesn't want to look like a playboy outside of the bedroom? I know I'm good looking enough to self appoint the nickname Hugh Hefner in the boudoir, but outside, peeps have to realize I'm a big dog with maraca yielding Mexican men slippers. Arriba!


The Queen of Hearts said...

There's absolutely no reason why you can't wear those shoes, or any woman for that matter. Two of my female friends, neither of whom are white/royalty/etc, swear by these slippers and own quite a few pairs of them.


Anonymous said...

ahhh i love man repeller's slippers! i want themmmm