Thursday, 28 April 2011


As seen in Vogue Australia May issue. Love the colour and accessories used in this shoot and the model looks like she is going through some wicked constipation but it still adds to the whole photo. She must have eaten something questionable for lunch, because that looks like some bad food poisoning.

Speaking of Scream, I went and saw the movie the other day (no not myself, I'm not that much of a creep), with a small child I picked up from the primary school down the road. Anyway, I went and saw it with my mother friend, and I don't know if it's meant to be a horror movie, or a comedy. The image of the serial killer running towards his/her victim in a nun gown with a knife combined with David Arquette's hideous mustache and acting equates to one shiteous but amazing movie. A must see for the holidays! was everyone's easter? What's the 411? What's the update? What has everybody been up to? Love that movie, if only my mum were like her. I have to give her credit though, she calls me every hour to update me on what she has eaten that day and how many craison (cranberry raisons) packets she bulk bought for that day from Costco. 

I'm not going to lie, she's back in the homeland right now (Vietnam) visiting the relatives so I kind of miss her, but not really. Her insistent voice isn't echoed through the house as much but since she has mounted about 50 million photos of herself modelling with a fern outside our house, it's like her eyes are everywhere. Like she is watching every single move I make in this house - kind of freaky. No wonder my friends never come over...

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