Thursday, 7 April 2011

style icons

So whilst watching Vogue's documentary "September Issue," Anna Wintour had said something about celebrities plaguing the fashion industry whilst models began to take a back seat and I watched in awe, not because her bob never moved, but because isn't it unequivocally true? Aren't we all obsessed with what celebrities are wearing these days?

I find it weird that a triple threat in the entertainment industry can now become a quadruple threat with fashion as their fourth weapon of choice. Actors like Rachel Bilson and Emma Watson are crossing boundaries and now we all want a piece of dat (ass). Psych.

Rachel Bilson
Alexa Chung
Emma Watson
Alexa Chung

This girl has got so much swagger, she makes Jay-Z look like a girl scout trying to sell cookies to support her coke habit. Whoa, that was an interesting analogy, but I'll take it. Alexa Chung, a name synonymous with style and quite frankly, she could well be the next Carl Lagerfeld with a vagina.

Leandra Medine

Ah, the man repeller herself in my favourite Veda jacket that is sold out. Mother of Jesus, story of my life. She is by far, the wittiest, funniest, and knee slapping blogger ever. Big call, but every post makes me laugh. She blogs about clothes looking like vaginas, big foot, pedophiles and everything else that's remotely funny. You are my idol Leandra Medine. Hats off to ya sistah.   

So readers, bloggers and stalkers alike (I have two Indian ones for those of you playing at home), these are just a few of my style icons. I am off to watch Justin Bieber: Never Say Never and pretend to hate it (but secretly love it because the tween inside of me is yearning for a piece of that fine girly ass).

No, that's not me admitting I'm a lesbian. I'm just saying that Justin Bieber's voice is higher than my desexed dog's and something needs to drop there or else people are going to start asking questions.

Just sayin'. I'm not a hater though Justin. Please let me be your one less lonely girl and never say never to calling me your baby more than one time.

Over and out!

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