Sunday, 10 April 2011

onto the next

Sup winter. You're probably the most hated season but for some reason, I secretly love you like everyone's ugly red-headed step sister. Joking, I love rangas. Went shopping on the weekend and got me some fa-resh items for winter (I'm such a gimp).

As I promised, here are the Kirrily Johnston cammando boots I got. Got them two sizes above my normal size so it made me look like I was fricken Shrek but look, I'm just glad I didn't have to go into the men's sizes because that's when shit starts to get real.

These are about the hardest boots to get on and off, I thought it was going to have to cut myself out of them before because the flaps just won't budge (that's what she said). Oh no she did not just say that girl!!    

sweater: acne. beanie: alexander wang.
shoes: kirrily johnston. leggings: camilla & marc. top: kirrily johnston

I also snapped up this sickkk knit from Acne. I was originally going to go for navy blue but then thought I looked like a primary school girl and that wouldn't look very good when I try to pass off that I'm 18 in a liquor store now would it? I'm only joking Victorian Police, I am of age, and have never nor will ever drink underage...or drive...or use a fake I.D (psych).

Moving on, I just want Autumn to end already so I can get some cold weather! My boobs can tell when it's raining and let me tell you sistah, my boobs are telling me that it ain't rainin'.

Anyway guys, stay tuned for the next installment! Who knows, I can feel a rant coming soon.