Monday, 7 March 2011

adopt me isabel marant

Isabel Marant AW11/12 at London Fashion Week. I'm actually speechless. Maybe if I sent her a letter telling her I'm a starving child from Vietnam, she might take me under her wing.

And without further adieu (for lack of a better word - I actually sound like a massive douchelord), I give you her latest collection. Try not to weep in the corner, just as I am right now (whilst listening to Boys II Men).

Native Indian Asian - who would have thought?
Oh my fucking god. I actually can't breathe right now
Channeling Amelia Earhart  

"Holy shit it's Big Foot!" That quote pretty much comes to mind when I see both these pieces. One is an ethnic yeti and one is a native yeti (promoting multiculturalism - I like it). Although the models legitimately look like Sasquatch strutting it down the runway, they still look fabulous and almost make me want to go out and don one. 

So, I'm just going to go climb a tree and camp out there in protest until my parents agree to take us all to Europe to stalk out Isabel Marant's house. The outerwear this season is insane. I can't even try to be funny at this moment in time because I'm in that much shock.

Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight! 

...again with the douchelordness 

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