Sunday, 6 March 2011

a year older, none the wiser

So I drafted up a birthday wish list for my parents to consider and they legitimately thought I was joking. Is it too much to ask for a rolex? I think they thought so, considering they cut me off right after they saw this list. Can't a girl just dream?

No true story is, I went out and bought a laptop after them telling me I wasn't allowed to buy one. So naturally, I stole the credit card and ran away with it. Noice. But...I have learnt my lesson, and know now that my intentions of dropping 30 grand on a watch under their credit card will be the death of me (seriously, they would chop me up and serve me with their congee).

Here's to hoping...

Acne AW10 Velocite Jacket
This Veda military inspired parka is sold out everywhere. Someone help!
Hello Celine Boston Bag 

Why is it every time I look at this photo, I see bacon. No, I'm only kidding. I'm going to go pitch this idea to my parents now. Look, I'm just going to tell them the dogs had a baby incestuously and this is the outcome. Lesson learnt: don't partake in incest. 

On another note, if I recapped on this year, I could honestly tell you I achieved nothing. Well close to nothing, I got a job (I have no idea how). So this year, I'm going to try to make the most of my last teenage year.

To do list:
1. Try not to stay in on saturday nights watching re-runs of Oprah.
2. Take advantage of the exchange rate and do more online shopping (problem: requires a credit card, which is cut up into several pieces at the moment. Parents didn't think that maybe I could use tape).
3. Get people to actually listen to me when I'm talking. Like right now, you're probably not taking me seriously.
4. Hide under the counter in Acne/Green with Envy, and leg it with all their clothes and shoes when the store assistants close up (gives me a chance to wear my saw clown mask).
5. Travel, shop, eat. Stores like Topshop, Rag and Bone, Zara, Alexander Wang, J Brand, Helmut Lang will never see the light of day in Australia, hence why I plan on buying a one way ticket to New York or London and tell my parents old men have kidnapped me for sex trafficking.
6. Use the phrase 'you only live once' more often (except when eating). That did not bode well for me last year.
7.  Buy some more harem pants. I feel like I haven't gotten enough drop crotch pants this winter yet. Where else am I going to hide all my drugs? Just kidding, don't do drugs.

I am going to listen to Britney Spears now. Good night everyone!

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