Saturday, 5 March 2011

india & fen?

Welcome bloggers and stalkers and greetings from Australia. You're all probably wondering who india&fen are. Yeah look, decided to make up those names. I'm not jumping the gun here but I pretty much want to names my kids those names one day (getting my hopes up). It'll happen.

So I wanted to start this blog just to rant about one of my many procrastination methods in life: fashion. I don't claim to be the "top dog" of fashion in any regard, I just wanted to share my endless psycho thoughts with whoever wanted to listen (I doubt there are many).

Don't be alarmed if I occasionally throw in a random post about the other mildly amusing aspects of my life (e.g. my psycho Asian parents who don't know the difference between medicine and law but never fail to recognise that anything beyond those realms, such as fashion, are deemed the "anti-christ"

Welcome to my life.

Let the fun begin I'm so delusional 

Oh hey Clemence Poesy

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