Thursday, 10 March 2011

more mania mania

Not a lot of gold this season which sucks like you wouldn't believe, but mania mania have once again outdone themselves with the neck pieces. I think the jewel will be their motif for a long time, it's just a matter of them changing up the colouring of it. 

This season, they have seemed to favour the clear crystal instead of the turquoise stone so why not! The model looks like she's 10 seconds away from an orgasm as well but it seems to be working for them!  

Love it, love it, love it - gotta have it, have it, have it. I'm so bored, I'm taking photos of my fingers - think I might go do something useful and fold my clothes like my mum told me to this afternoon. 

Speaking of Nga (the mother - I'll have to post a photo soon. She's a hottie), came into my room tonight and demanded I double covered all my pillows just incase (and I quote) "drool all over them and it seeps through." She then told me to go and fold all my clothes, but being the seasoned expert I am, told her I had to 'study'. Yeah right "study," more like watch America's Next Top Model, and then practice those poses in the mirror! I'm joking, but seriously, the mirror never lies.  

That is the main lesson everyone needs to learn before they die, the words "I have to study" will get you out of any and every crime under the sun. 

I could go and borrow Nga's beloved four wheel drive, drive it into the Atlantic Ocean, walk home and tell her I was studying, and she would literally pat me on the back and say "good little lawyer" (in Vietnamese of course). 

All in all, good day for me. Nigella is in 3 days and my friend and I have planned what we're wearing! I don't care if I look like the world's biggest gimp, but I'm purchasing an apron and writing her name all over it, with a quote by her. This has no relevance at all to fashion but if I stuck a Helmut Lang tag on the back, would that grab your attention? 

Good, now that I've got your attention back, I am out-ties! Woman's gotta eat...then undress into her nightgown. 

Oh hey, Clemence Poesy

Hate to say goodbye, but love to watch you leave! 

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