Monday, 7 March 2011

it's beanie tiiime!

Hola Chicas! As an hommage to Jersey Shore and DJ Pauly D's coveted catch phrase "It's t-shirt tiiiime" I decided to put a creative twist on it since I wanted to discuss beanies with y'all.

One of my friends approached me the other day and with what felt like an intervention, confronted me about my beanie obsession.

"Look Jessie, I feel like you've replaced me with your beanie. You wear it everyday. Enough is enough!" To which I replied, "Haters gonna hate!" But seriously, take a hike lady. It's cold outside (not really, today's temperature was 30 degrees Celsius) and I need to keep my head warm. Sa indiiiiiiie.

So guys, what I'm saying is, embrace the derilique fashionista within you and don a floppy beanie this coming fall/winter. I just went out and bought 6, one of which being an Alexander Wang one from Shopbop.

dress: kirrily johnston. beanie: sock shop

1 comment:

Salony said...

They looks so stylish with their beanies, but when I wear one, my hair gets static and ultra-flat in a second ;)