Wednesday, 16 March 2011

arnsdorf fw11

Just got back from a show for L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week (sounds like I modelled in it...pssht, I did) and this was the one for the up and coming designers who had managed to (through bribery) claw their way through to the final runway show (reminiscent of Project Runway). All we needed was an awkward and highly innept celebrity guest judge to be there (Nicky Hilton anyone?) and Heidi Klum to utter the words "Auf Wierdersehen" to get the ball rolling.

Among the fresh young faces, there were labels such as Arnsdorf, Bassike, From Britten, Dressup, Ellery, Laurence Pasquier, Lui Hon and the winner: song for the mute. Now Dion Lee previously won this title and look at him now, so naturally, we'll be sure to be hearing from song for the mute pretty soon in the near future. I don't think they'll be doing a reality tv winner on us (where they promise you they'll be famous one day but you see them 5 years down the track serving you a thick shake and fries at Wendy's).

Lui Hon FW11
Song for the mute

To be honest, song for the mute was awesome, and don't get me wrong, who doesn't love a harem pant on a male model, but I was more interested in staring at the models and thinking what sick things I could do to them. No, I'm only kidding. But seriously, can anyone tell me the model who opened the show for Bassike? I want to facebook stalk him.

Moving on, arnsdorf really was the stand out of the show. Here's a taste of the fw11 collection, which will soon off the rack and on my bodeh.

I love how they've panelled the blue with the sandy-salmon shirt. I'm getting on that shit as soon as it comes into Green with Envy or Grace (and no, they do not ask me to plug them this much - I'm just that obsessed with those stores). I would baptize my baby in that store if I was allowed. 

There was one thing I hated about arnsdorf's show, and that was the horrideous (that's not a word, but I'm asian so who cares) shoes. I think they were Doc Martin's but they looked like they belonged in my school uniform wardrobe (circa 1999). I wasn't a fan. It just distracted me from the clothes. 

But, what I did love was this model who walked for all the designers and she was just larrrrving the attensh (in a good way). She made everyone in the room smile and talk about her because she was just so enthusiatic.

Laurence Pasquier FW11

So naturally, I went home and stalked the shit out of her, and low and behold, I can't find her. Someone help!! But yes, my predictions are that she'll be the next Liu Wen. Watch out for her, she will be huge! (No, not fat)

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