Saturday, 5 March 2011

dion lee x cue

Regular gathering at my house on Saturday nights

Is this for real? Or are they playing a sick joke on all of us? One of the coolest designers to come out of Australia is Dion Lee and I couldn't be happier he is doing a collaboration line with Cue for their AW11 collection.

Everyone just needs to cool their jets and take a second to think how awesome this could potentially be. Here's a little sneak peak for all of you playing at home.

that green parka

Oh hey matrix, you can come hang 

Dion Lee did an amazing job with the outerwear this season, sticking to classic shapes and silhouettes. His collection for Cue is less playful than usual, but to replace that, he's added pieces that can be worn everyday.

He stuck to quite a dark palette but these are the few exceptions. I think it's his attempt at stirring the pot a little bit, and I'm all for it (just like I'd be all for us) - he's quite the looker, I'm not going to lie.

Jizz over cut-out shirts/dresses 

See you on tuesday Cue girls! I genuinely apologise in advanced for stalking you or lingering outside your store front. I'm not a creep. 

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