Tuesday, 8 March 2011

mania mania

mania mania for the sanity 

I want it. Just have to wait for my all time favourite boutique, Green with Envy to stock it. Just went in today again, the girls greeted me with, "Oh, you're back again!" (For the third time that week). Ended up getting a few goodies and also went to suss out Dion Lee for Cue - will update you tomorrow morning with my winter purchases!

So I went back to uni today. It could literally be the death of me - the combination of economics, racist lecturers (who think that playing the asian students songs from our nationality at the start of class will make us feel included) and tutors who take there job way too seriously (like public transport inspectors), make me want to drop out and and go on the dole.

What is the dole?
dole 1  (dl)
1. Charitable dispensation of goods, especially money, food, or clothing.
2. A share of money, food, or clothing that has been charitably given.
3. The distribution by the government of relief payments to the unemployed; welfare.
tr.v. doleddol·ingdoles
1. To dispense as charity.
on the dole
Receiving regular relief payments from or as if from the government. 
e.g. Girl: Do you have a job?
       Hobo: No mate, I'm on the dole

Don't get me started on the kitten heels too - I think I've seen enough to last me a lifetime. Especially that clacking noise they make on the pavement and down the hall way. I almost just want to take the kitten heel off the person and stab myself in the face with it. 

On another note! Sunday, 8th March marks the day I will be seeing my idol Nigella Lawson at a cooking demonstration. Yes, I will be making t-shirts and yes, I will bring my cast iron pot along with me for her to sign. Then afterwards, will be heading to a fashion show for Melbourne Fashion Week. Melbourne - Paris, same thing right? (awkward silence)

Will keep you all up to date!! 

...and by all, I mean the only 4 people that actually sit here and read this. You know who you are.

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