Wednesday, 16 March 2011

total eclipse of the heart

I couldn't think of a title and I'm listening to the Glee rendition of this song at the moment. This song literally makes me want to jump in front of oncoming traffic, it is that tragic. Who wrote it? What is so wrong with your life that you would feel the need to write a song and put us through it? Please stop

Anywho, on a totally related note, this is easily one of my favourite photo shoots of all time (that doesn't include Kate Moss). The setting and the props all work together with the styling and grunt of the photos to make it one of the best photoshoots I've seen in a while. 

Who looks like that in the middle of a freaking dessert? Not me, that's for sure. Everything from her hair to the fluoro paint splotched on her body adds to the effect of the dessert and its elements. I can't even be witty, this just fricken works

And mum and dad, if you're reading this, which I guarantee you aren't (because you love my brother more and I'm not a lawyer or a doctor yet), than I want that Celine poncho on the cover photo. Thanks a mill, I'll repay you with my witty comebacks while we're arguing about my future (or lack thereof).

Taken from Vogue Australia April 2011. Love you Vogue. Such an under-rated fashion magazine (not).


Julie Khuu said...

Love this spread...Technicolour sure does pop against muted shades of sand...I'm inspired for my next ensemble post ;D ...And I do agree, anything with Kate Moss in it becomes 100x better! Thanks for sharing!


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