Wednesday, 23 March 2011

oh pee eye

Hola y'all! I went to the OPI factory a few days again and being the freak I am, brought my canon along and got snapping. I didn't want to take to many or make it obvious since the little Vietnamese woman behind the counter thought I was taking photos of her store to case the place and come back later and clean out the store...

...which I was.

Sure enough, I walked out of there with every shade of dark grey, green, purple, blue and brown. Cool. What's good about OPI is that it copies Chanel so well and at only $10 a pop, why not head down and grab every freaking shade of brown there is.

This God's gift to Earth of a questionable factory is located in Springvale - 1 in 4 of Melbourne's little Vietnams. It's like 'Happy Days,' where everyone knows your name (if you're Asian that is) and the food is highly suspicious (always a guarantee for food poisoning). The legality of this factory is unknown (jokes and gags), but it has every "professional use" acetone, cuticle oil and nail filer under the sun and I ain't complaining.

The question is: will I ever use all of my shades of green nail polish? My nails always seem to look like dog vomit whenever I test that colour. What the hell was I thinking?  

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