Monday, 14 March 2011

zara is coming down south

zara march 11

You heard me, Aussies. Get your kangaroo out and hop down to your nearest Zara store this coming winter. We always get hit with the shit stick, but looks like Zara is finally making its way down to Australia and it is being labelled the "Country Road Killer." What a pity.

I, quite frankly, am growing tired of Australia's never-say-die trends (this deserves a new post). Hopefully Zara will come in and kill off all of these and actually give us some decent ideas as to what the rest of the civilisation is wearing. Love the colour blocking bee tee double you (btw = by the way). Show Australia how to do it right Zara. I will leave you and go write up another post, get ready for my rant of the century.

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